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Vamoola Payday Loans

Nowadays, life is moving in a fast-paced motion and almost everyone wants to acquire things in an instant – instant coffee, instant noodles, and even instant loans.

Normally, loans from banks and traditional lending facilities need a lot of time and effort to acquire. These establishments follow certain procedures that take weeks or even a month to complete. So if you want quick cash assistance, you might consider borrowing online.

Online payday loans are ideal when you’re running short of cash or you’re worried about your credit rating. These loans are more lenient than conventional loan facilities. The requirements asked are minimal, easy to meet and the entire payday loans application process is fast and easy. Here are some of the options you have:

Facts on Payday Loans

One of the most popular types of quick payday loans, the loan is usually acquired to resolve emergency expenses and sudden bills like medical bills, or car repair. It can also come handy when you’re falling short of money and you can’t wait for your next payday. Online payday lenders provide cash in as fast as 24 hours while others can send money in just 30 minutes. Because of its rapid method, many are tempted to obtain the loan even without a reasonable purpose.

The loan is expensive and failing to repay on time may lead to further financial problems. That’s why it’s recommended to use it only as a last resort. Like other bad credit loans, the interest rate is high and those who couldn’t cope up with the payments either extend the loan or default on it. Rollover – or loan extension – allows the borrower to prolong the debt’s due date providing that the borrower agrees to settle additional charges. This means repaying newly incurred fees on top of the principal rate and interest.

Nevertheless, the payday loans provide an easy way out to solve urgent problems. This is beneficial to anyone with a bad credit rating or has no credit history. Certainly, banks and traditional loans will not accept their loan application.

The payday loans are unsecured, making it an ideal loan alternative for homeowners who are afraid to risk their property or tenants who have no asset to pledge.

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Personal Loans

By nature, personal loans are flexible and fast to acquire, thus making it a good choice when falling short of cash. As the name suggests, you can use it on personal matters and you don’t have to bother explaining your purpose of borrowing the payday loans. You can use it to settle anything legal such as consolidating debt, purchasing groceries, paying utility bills, etc.

When borrowing a personal loan, you can either get it secured or unsecured, depending on your capability and/or preference.

Secured personal loans require using collateral to secure the loan. Loan seekers who have low credit remarks are often declined but with a qualified security, they can increase their approval rate. If you’re a bad credit borrower willing to pledge any of your assets such as a car, house, jewelry, stocks, or gadgets, you can take this loan instead. Considering the fact that someone is using your property as a security against the loan is terrifying but this opens to a better deal. You can acquire a higher loan amount with a low-interest rate. But then again, consider the risk that you are facing; once you decided to default or stop repaying the loan, the lender will acquire your property, put it in the market, and use the cash to settle the remaining amount and incurred charges.

Meanwhile, an unsecured loan does not require collateral, which is a perfect option for tenants who have no property to pledge. It’s also ideal for homeowners who are not confident with using their property as a security. The only way to safeguard the loan though is to provide a solid proof of income and being employed is crucial for the lenders.

Although there are payday loans providers who are willing to accept unemployed borrowers or recipients of benefits or pensions, they are not easy to find.

Benefits Of Online Payday Loans

If you’re still thinking whether online payday loans are suitable or not, here are some of the things that will help you decide:

  • Easy Qualifications

Online loans require little to no paperwork and often, they rely on simple requirements like age, residency, income, and bank account

  • Fast Application Process

In 24 hours or less, the entire payday loans application is completed

  • Improve Credit Remark

Since the loan payday loans are easy to obtain, you may take advantage of this when you have a bad credit remark. Just be sure to not commit the same mistakes again, and repay the loan on time. Committing to the payday loans lender’s terms and conditions is important when you want your credit score to increase. With a good credit rating, applying for a loan in the future is easier.

payday loans, Vamoola Payday Loans

How To Improve Credit Remark

Even if you’re a first-time borrower, you probably know how difficult it is to acquire payday loans when you have a poor credit remark. Lenders use this to determine your creditworthiness and a low credit rating means you’re a risk to their business. Loan seekers who have no credit history are likely to experience the same rejection. While there are loans for bad credit, it’s not as appealing as the regular debt.

Good and excellent credit borrowers have stronger bargaining power. Getting payday loans are quite easy and they have a chance to score high amount and low-interest rate. Therefore, it’s best to improve your credit score first if you want a cheaper option. Getting a free copy of your credit report is crucial to check the loans entered into your account. Make sure that there are no errors, otherwise, report it to the credit bureau. Next is to settle the outstanding debts; if you have a hard time repaying all the loans, negotiate with the lenders and ask if they can offer to waive some fees or a better repayment term. Otherwise, you can use a debt consolidation program to merge all your accounts into one single debt.


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Representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees – Typical loan size of £25,000 over 120 months = £275.82 pm, 4.35% Variable APR – 6% (including £1800 in interest) total repayable £33,098Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – approx. 24% (lender starting rate 18%) – Typical Apr will be around 8%

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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk